The Historic Castillo de La Luz

Castillo de La Luz is situated very close to the Las Palmas sea port.  It is located at Calle (street) Juan Rejon in the neighbourhood of Puerto (La Isleta) It is one of the oldest fortifications and was originally built to serve as a defence system against the British and Dutch pirates in the fifteenth century.

The Fort was built in the year 1494 under orders of Governor Alonso Fajardo of Gran Canarias as representative to the Crown of Castile. The Fortification was built by Captain Juan Rejon when he began the conquest of the Canaries.  It was the first defensive fortress of the city. Its defensive functions continued till the nineteen century. Originally it was built on a coral reef isolated from the coast but the continuous development of the city has brought it in the heart of the city. Its walls are considered one of the best preserved in the archipelago having resisted the seige of legendary pirates like Sir Francis Drake or Peter  Van Der Does. Despite the solidity of its construction it suffered extensive damage during the incursion of the Dutch pirates in 1599, and was totally destroyed by flames.



Castillo de La Luz



The Castillo de La Luz (Castle of Lights) was rebuilt, enlarged over the centuries and declared as Artistic Historical monument in 1941 due to its proud Spanish Historical Heritage. It also is the headquarters of the Foundation of Art and Thought of Canarian sculptor Martin Chirin and houses 25 unique pieces of the sculptor. The castle is now also a home to various international and national cultural exhibitions and displays.

The castle has a square base and is accessed by a drawbridge. It has two circular towers located diagonally and a sentry box in the north corner. It is built of Ashlars stone in three levels. Its interior is completely renovated by the famous architects Fuensanta Nieto and Enrique Sobejano.


Visiting Hours: Monday to Saturday: 11 to 19:00 Hours

Sunday: 11 to 14:00 hours

Admission: 4 Euros


Wednesday free entry from 14:00 to 19:00 hours.

Address:  C/ Juan Rejon s/n

35008 Las Palmas

Telephone: 928461372

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