Holy Teror

Teror, in pre-historic times this beautiful town was called “Terori” after the village chief. It was also called “Aterura” which means place with water.

Teror is also called Villa Mariana after the towns’ ´s most holy shrine of Mother Mary. Every year on 8th September practically the whole island descents to Teror to pray at the holy church and shrine of Our Lady of Pino. The church is situated right in the town centre.
Teror is situated in the central part of the island. It is about 19 kms (11 miles) from Las Palmas by road. First take the GC-3 highway up to Tamaraceite after which take the road GC-21 to reach directly to Teror. It takes about 40 minutes by car to reach Teror. The drive is very scenic through the mountain and valley´s. During winters the mountain are lush green.
In old times the main development of the municipality took place due to farming, fruits and potato cultivation. From early times the area became a tourist hub with the daily passing through of thousands of pilgrims visiting the Holy Shrine. The Church is built in Gothic style with the use of a lot of wood. The old church was reformed and fully renovated in 1970. The church is surprisingly serene, simple and full of grandeur all at the same time. In 1979 The Church was declared a National Heritage Monument.

Teror is also famous for manmade handicrafts of cloth, basket work and all kinds of furniture.


Church of Teror


Every Sunday there is a Flea Market with all kinds of food and handicrafts on sale. We strongly recommend you to try the “Chorizo” Sausage an art passed through generations over a period of 100´s of years. Another specialty is the Morchilla, a black pudding like spread which is spread like butter on bread and eaten.

Teror is also famous for its breads and pastry.

Teror also has spring water reserves with a special soft sweet taste.


Typical Canarian Balcony


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