Sioux City, Western Adventure For The Full Family

Located at San Augustin,  the South part of Gran Canaria, Sioux City is a Theme park, which is labelled as a “Wild West Show”.

This theme park  gives the visitors the feel of the wild west with Cowboys, Woman, horses, pubs, guns and the works.  One can travel back in time and spend the day as they did during the Wild West era.


Sioux City


The park has an area of 320,000 sq mtrs  and is a replica of a wild west town with typical houses,  a church,  ranch, bank, lounge prison etc.  One can experience the cowboy culture  in the unforgettable adventure of an authentic old Wild West town. Upon entering the park you will feel like a real cowboy. You can walk around the town, view realistic shows, fight between sheriff and his officers Vs the Bad guys with their guns blazing.

The park also offers dances, fist fights, axes & knives drawn at each other, dances on some great western music in a story form interestingly woven to arouse your interest thro the day. s with axes, knives & Western style dances too. It will be a memorable day to spend with the full family.

You will also see mythical warriors like Sitting Bulls or see  in the midst of an assault in a bloody shootout between rustlers and lawmen of Sioux City.  There are a number of attractions like  Fight Hall, Hanging in the Plaza,  Indian rain Dance, Mexican acrobats performing stunts with bows, knives  and arrows.

After the show for a small fee you can enjoy a horse ride, dress in their attire of cowboy with hats, boots and handkerchief and take photos.

The park also has a variety of western style restaurants to eat. The park also has shops  where you can buy  your souvenirs .

In addition to  the shows  you can also book a day ’s stay or even celebrate  weddings, birthdays children baptism parties or even serious business dinners. On weekends  Sioux City has the special popular outdoor barbeque spreads. On Saturday nights they offer costume parties for Groups where participants can make  their own costumes by buying from the shops at the Theme park or even get their costume from their own from homes.

This park is a perfect place for adults and children that might also visit the small zoo.It  has a great restaurant wth a wide variety of food  which one can enjoy while watching  the actors perform .

It is located in Barranco del Aguilla, s/n San Agustin, Maspalomas.

Its open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10.00 to 17.00

Friday  evening : 20.00 to 24.00 special event with barbeque food and shows

The park is closed on Mondays

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