Shopping At Las Palmas


Shopping at Las Palmas can be a wonderful experience for you as a tourist. Prices in general for most products would be lower than your home country due to the lower VAT of 7 % vs. 18 – 23 % at countries of the Mainland Europe.

Las Palmas shopping can be quite an enjoyable experience not just for the good prices but the choice of the shops for you to choose from. You can buy at International stores such as Primark, H&M, C&A, Zara, Cortefiel, Mango, MediaMarkt, or chose from the local variety such as Sfera, Blanco, Punto Roma etc.

You can buy at one of the Shopping Mall or the charming historic shopping districts of Triana, Mesa y Lopez or Parque Santa Catalina.

1) Triana Shopping:

This is the oldest and old colonial style shopping street. It is a pedestrian street with stone pavements and traditional buildings, mixed with some new modern buildings.

All big fashion brands such as H&M, Mango, Zara, Massimo Dutti, Blanco, Mary Paz, Bata, Stradivarius, Benetton, Berkshka, McDonalds have shops in this historic street. Triana is in fact the oldest concentrated shopping street in Las Palmas.

Triana is open from Monday thru Saturday every week. They are also open on 1st Sunday ´s of the month. Apart from the shopping streets the by lanes at Triana have some good restaurants for you to enjoy a good meal or snack during your day out at Triana. You may want to combine and enjoy the many must see sights at Vegueta. The Cathedral, Casa de Colon, are some not to be missed.

Triana Entrance, Shopping at Las Palmas


2) Mesa y Lopez Shopping:

Mesa y Lopez is a major shopping district at Las Palmas. El Corte Ingles the only departmental store at Canary Islands is located here. They sell everything that you may possibly need.  Marks and Spenser, Zara, Massimo Dutti, Cortefiel, Guess, Clarks, Benetton are some of the other international chains located here.

One important tip for buying at El Corte Ingles as a tourist. Please carry your Passport as you are entitled as per their promotion a discount of 10 % + they also refund another 7 % of the IGIC (VAT) for all you shop. They also have several English, German and other language speakers to guide you to shop. You just have to ask for one at the store.

Mesa y Lopez ´s adjoining street Juan Manuel Duran is also a key shopping street with many shops which are great for shopping. Apart from fashion shops there are a number of perfume shops such as Maya, Sabina where you can look for bargains.


Mesa y Lopez, Shopping at Las Palmas

3) Parque Santa Catalina:

Parque Santa Catalina is mostly a pedestrian zone which connects the Las Palmas touristic ship pier at one end to the Las Canteras beach at the other. Lining the key shopping streets of Luis Morote and Ripoche are small bazaars selling electronics, perfumes, textiles, souvenir items.  There are a number of small restaurants too serving Spanish Tapas, wine, coffee etc. It is quite picturesque and not something you should miss for sightseeing if not for shopping.

El Muelle a large Shopping Mall is also located here. (An important tip you can park your car at the Shopping Street for free for 3 hours without purchasing anything in the complex) If you buy then you can park for a longer period for free. If you are using public transport it is useful to note that Parque Santa Catalina is an important bus junction with good connections to South are of the island.


El Muelle, Shopping at Las Palmas


If you are more of the person who would like to shop at the Mall choose from one of the 2 principal malls in the city where you will have a good choice of shops, restaurants, cinema halls to visit.


Parque Santa Catalina Shopping at Las Palmas


4) Las Arenas Mall shopping:

It is the most popular Shopping mall in Las Palmas. Practically all important international stores are located here. Some of the important stores are Disney, Toys R Us, Primark, C&A, H&M, Carrefour, MediaMarkt, Zara, Body Shop; Swarovski etc have stores in this complex. A number of eating restaurants such as McDonald, Pizzerias, Tapas joints and other International food joints are located at the terrace level. There are also some game centers and Movie theatres within the complex. (Films are in Spanish mostly).

Carrefour the Hypermarket is the principal and largest shop in the complex selling practically everything you could possibly need.

You can avail of free parking for 3 hours and if you buy anything then you do not have to pay for parking even for the day.  You may want to visit the lovely beach of Las Canteras next door enjoy a swim, eat your meals / shop at the mall before you return to your hotel.

Las Arenas, Shopping at Las Palmas


5) Seite Palmas Mall Shopping:

Seite Palmas is another important shopping district. This is comparatively a new shopping district and houses two large shopping malls.  One houses a large twin store of El Corte Ingles – Hipercor and the other is the Centro Commercial 7 Palmas which is a multi store complex.


Hipercor, Shopping at Las Palmas


Centro Commercial 7 Palmas has a number of chain stores such as Blanco, Zara, Cortefiel, Mango, etc.  They also have a super market by the name Mercadona for your daily grocery need.

On the top floor you will find a number of food joints such as McDonald etc and a Multi Cine complex.

seite palmas, Shopping at Las Palmas


Apart from these principal shopping districts there are a number of shopping malls which you could visit but the above two are the best if you are at the Las Palmas city for a short time. If you are in a mood to explore you could choose from the following :

6) La Ballena:

A large mall which houses a number of discount (seconds) stores of several brand such as Zara (Lefties) and has a large hyper market such as Carrefour.

7) Las Ramblas:

A small mall located near Hospital Negrin which has a number of eating joints. Two super markets are located at the complex; Mercadona and Supercor.

8) La Minilla:

Another small mall located at Minilla has a few perfume and other stores. The main super market in the complex is Mercadona.

Overall Las Palmas ´s vast choice of shops and low prices will leave a smile and ensure that you do not burn a hole in your pocket. The more you shop here the more you will save.

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