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Shopping at Gran Canaria can be a real pleasure. One of the many reasons is the lower prices here due to the lower VAT regime of just 7 % (called IGIC locally) Vs 18 – 23 % at your home country making the goods cheaper. Another good reason for you to smile and shop at Gran Canarias is the variety of the types of stores at which you can shop.


El Corte Ingles, Gran Canaria

Gran Canarias offers you a vast choice of store types at which you can shop based on your preference. You can choose from a large Departmental store, hyper markets, Specialists – Chain stores or even small Bazaars. It can also be a pleasure At Las Palmas you can enjoy shopping at El Corte Ingles, the only departmental store at Mesa y Lopez zone or at their other store at Seite Palmas.

The island has a number of large Hypermarkets such as:

1) Carrefour

This huge multi-national hyper market store has 1 store at Vecindario and 3 stores at Las Palmas, the capital city at different Shopping centers spread over Las Palmas. They are located at Shopping centers Las Arenas, La Ballena, and La Hoya de la Plata.

2) Alcampo (called Auchan in some European countries)

Located at the Central part of Island, this huge and popular store sells everything that you would expect a hyper market to carry. The same shopping complex also has Leroy Merlin, IKEA stores and in the neighborhood you will find the Sports specialist store Decathlon.

3) Hipercor

This is a sister company of El Corte Ingles has one store located at Siete Palmas.  Located within the El Corte Ingles store it is unique in the sense that it is a Hypermarket located within a departmental store. Prices are in general higher than the other hypermarkets but the quality and variety are on the better side too.

4) Eroski

They have one store located at Telde at the shopping center of Mirador, a large shopping complex.

Apart from the Departmental stores, Hypermarkets there are a number of Supermarkets at Las Palmas for shopping your daily needs during your stay at the islands.

The popular super markets are




Hiperdino Express





Lidl and


Superdino, Spar, Lidl and Mercadona have the best prices and offer the best value for money. Superdino and Spar are located all over the islands and you will surely find one of them near the place you would stay.

Gran Canarias, in fact the full Canary Islands share this lower VAT and the duty free image in Europe. Gran Canaria is indeed a Shopper´s paradise. You could save by shopping here at lower prices for electronics, perfumes, textiles, liquor, tobacco and other local handicrafts, aloe Vera, and other local products such as purses, hand bags, caps etc.

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