The Scenic North

The North Area includes the Districts of Arucas, Moya, Guia, Galdar and Agaete.

Galdar was once the capital of the Island. The Guanche inhabitants lived here; these are the people whose earliest records we have from the modern times of the 14th Century.  Historically this is the area where majority of the population lived.

This area also has several historic monuments and churches at Guia, Galdar and Arucas. Each one unique and grand in style and design.





The northern tip of the island is at Agaete which is the closest land point to the neighboring island of Tenerife. The zone is well connected via the National Highway GC-2 to the capital Las Palmas.

The distance from the capital to Agaete is about 36 kms (approx 22 miles) and by road it takes around 35 mins by car. Agaete is the 2nd most important port modern port at Gran Canarias. Fred Olsen the shipping giant operates its fast ferry ´s for Tenerife, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote from the port of Agaete.


Agaete Port


Most of the North area is developed along the coast. The North area has a long history of farming. Banana was amongst the major cultivation in the past. Even now some of the best cheese in the island comes from Moya.

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