Roque Nublo, The Natural Monument


Roque Nublo, at Tejeda is one of the most popular, well known and emblematic sites of Gran Canaria.  It is one of the highest points in the island at almost 1,813 meters.  The site is spectacular and naturally beautiful. The monolith rock is over 4.5 million years old formed by volcanic eruption. It is for this reason the surrounding area is rocky and barren.





Upon reaching Roque Nublo you can get a spectacular view of the entire island. On the way to the peak you pass through the nearby villages.  The way to the peak is lined by tall Canarian pine tree forest and ravines made of volcanic eruptions. To reach the peak the only way is to walk about 3 kms from the Parador de Tejeda. As you get closer to Roque Nublo the slopes get steeper. On the way you will also see different varieties of flowers and fruits.  The area has hundreds of hectares of fruits and almond trees. In fact one of the principal festivals of the area is in spring when the Almond tree blooms.

Tejeda is 43 kms from Las Palmas and over 1,000 Meters height. It has a large geographical area of about 100 sq kms surface area which is as large as Las Palmas or Telde. The population however continues to decline as residents move to the city, the current population stand at just over 2,000. The main profession of the residents is farming, even though in recent times the population is involved in diverse professions by working the in the Hotel and Tourism industry. Large portion of the municipality of Tejeda has been declared a Natural Biosphere Reserve.


ROQUE NUBLO, Gran Canaria



Roque Nublo is an enormous basalt monolith 70 meters in height and 35 meters in diameter at the base. It is a really magical moment if you have the chance to see the sun rise or sunset at Roque Nublo. The spectacular and diverse colours that you get to see of the sun and surrounding moments. Given a chance you should not miss the chance to see this spectacular view.

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