Restaurants at Las Canteras

Las Canteras beach at Las Palmas is amongst the finest urban beaches in the world. It is coupled with one of the world´s best weather and 365 days of bright sunshine and welcoming water for swimming and water sports.  The restaurants at Las Canteras at Las Palmas enhance the wonderful experience of this beautiful city.

Restaurants at Las Canteras come in all sizes and styles. If you are a foodie or a lover of fine cuisine you will find restaurants exactly to your liking and taste. Name your choice and budget and you can enjoy an excellent meal. You can choose between Spanish, English, Italian, Continental, Scandinavian, Russian, Chinese, Indian, Lebanese, Greek, Steak, Fish or vegetarian diet. You will also find a number of fast food restaurants.

Las Canteras beach has a number of 5 star and 4 star Hotels lying the beach they also have good restaurants.

Starting at the Las Puntillas end of Las Canteras towards the Alfredo Kraus auditorium following are some of the popular and good restaurants:

1) La Marinera:

One of the best views by the sea. This is a specialist Fish – Sea food restaurant. Prices are on the medium – high side with a good choice of seafood and Spanish wines. Open for both lunch and dinner.


La Marinera, Canteras


2) O Sole Mio:

A good Pizzeria -Italian restaurant and Terrace.  Reasonable prices, fast and efficient service is the specialty.  Great view of the beach from end to end.

3) La Oliva:

A Spanish – Canarian food restaurant. There is a good variety of local cuisine at reasonable prices. Try the Papa Arrugada con Mojo or Pimenta Padron or the Canarian Cheese which you are sure to enjoy.

4) Macarena:

A fish specialist restaurant. Restaurant serves a variety of fish and sea food dishes.

5) Loopy´s:

Another good Pizzeria. Prices are slightly higher than O Sole Mio. Belongs to the same chain as O Sole Mio.

6) Casa Carmelo:

Rated as amongst the best steak restaurants. Serves a great variety of meats and wine. It is a Steak specialist. You will find some of the best steak at the island here.


Casa Carmelo, Canteras


7) Montaditos:

This is a tapas restaurant. Serves different types of Tapas and drinks. On some days of the week have special prices of just Euro 1 per tapas. If you are in a rush a great place to order a few tapas with a cold glass of beer and enjoy the sights of the beach.

8) Buenos Aires Grill:

At the corner of Calle Tenerife and Las Canteras is this Argentinean Grill restaurant. It serves good steak at reasonable prices.

9) Molinet :

Just outside Hotel Cristina the only 5 star hotel at Las Canteras is this restaurant. It prepares different kinds of Rice, Paella and other dishes.


Molinet, Canteras


10) Balalaika:

This is a classy Russian restaurant. Typical Russian food with a selection of Hard drinks and wines. The prices are on the Mid – Higher side specially the wine card. If you are looking for a good Russian meal this is the place for you.


Balalaika, Canteras


11) Chinese Buffet:

This is a reasonable priced buffet restaurant. Eat as much as you like for less than Euro 10 (About Pound 8) per person. A spread throughout the day from 12 – 24 hours of cold and hot dishes. It is a bargain for the hungry.

12) Al Maccaroni :

Another popular pizzeria, but also serves some typical Spanish dishes. Price slightly over the average pizzeria prices. Good quality food and fast service are the hall marks. Try the Spanish Paella if you have some spare time and are willing to wait 30 mins to be served.

13) Paparrazi:

A popular pizzeria, good consistent quality food. Excellent location located very close to Parque Santa Catalina and Hotel Reina Isabel. Great food and hospitable service. Lovely view of the beach and located very close to the Parque Santa Catalina shopping street and other sightseeing locations.


Paparrazi, Canteras


14) La Casa Roja – O Solé Mío:

A good Pizzería -Italian restaurant with Terrace.  Reasonable prices, fast and efficient service is the specialty.  Great view of the beach from end to end. Gives a birds eye view of the beach from the terrace.

15) El Cerdo Que Rie (The Pig that laughs):

Good specialist “Ham” restaurant.  They cater to Scandinavian tastes too.  Very old and popular restaurant. They offer a good choice of Flamenco style food. If you wish to try something different then try this restaurant.

16) El Gallo Feliz (The Happy Hen):

A popular chicken specialist. They offer a good choice of menu and are quite popular for its traditional style and tasty food.

17) Telepizza :

Close to Playa Chica (Lady Beach) is this franchise with different kinds of pizzas. Built as a fast food franchise have many special offers such as 2 x 1 (2 for the price of 1) etc.

18) Los Cedros:

One of the oldest Lebanese restaurants in the city. Good tasty food and authentic Lebanese food.

19) Curry House:

Just off the beach at Calle Kant is Curry House, a Bengali – Indian restaurant. Cooks and management are from Bangladesh but cooking style is Indian. For you Curry lovers this is the only Indian style restaurant by the beach.


Curry House, Canteras


20) Traffpunkten:

A pizzeria and restaurant specializing for Scandinavian tourist. Serves some Spanish style dishes too.

21) La Bikina:

A specialist Vegetarian restaurant. Serves Vegan and Vegetarian dishes.  An experience not to be missed. They also prepare some fusion dishes and worthe the experience if you are a vegetarian or in a mood to experiment.


La Bikina, Canteras


22) Monte Libano:

Would re-commend this restaurant over Los Cedros for the service, courtesy and great view of the beach. Food wise both Lebanese restaurants are good. Monte Libano has little more reasonable prices. They serve some good Pincho´s of Chicken and Lamb. Try the rice with some grilled sheek kabab with some Homos and you will enjoy your meal at this restaurant.


Monte Libano, Canteras


23) Bella Lucia:

A Typical Spanish restaurant. The food is of high quality and slightly up market. Try their fresh fishes or their meats you will be sure to be satisfied.

 Restaurants at Las Palmas offer a huge variety and choice to you to choose from. I am sure that choose the restaurant that you wish to dine in. You will definitely have a pleasant experience with full Gran Canarian hospitality and warmth.

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