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Museo Canario (Canarian Museum) is an Ethnographic Museum with all details and artifacts of Gran Canaria from the stone ages. It has a collection of items from the stone age to today.

Located at the Espiritu Santo Square in the old historic quarter of Vegueta, Triana the erstwhile capital of Las Palmas.  It is surrounded by a number of attractions in the neighbourhood.  For details see  The Museum is over 150 years old as was built in 1879.  The museum has a number of large rooms. Each room was dedicated to a theme.


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Canary Islands Museum is a must visit place for those who are interested in learning about the indigenous population of Canary Islands. The square also has some of the city’s finest neoclassical monuments. The museum was constructed by Manuel Ponce de Leon. In 1993 it was granted the Gold Medal of the city of Las Palmas. In 1995 it was declared an Institution of Public utility and in 1996 it was awarded the Canary Islands National Award in recognition of its importance to the islands historical and artistic heritage. The museum has a permanent exhibition on display devoted solely to the aboriginal population of Gran Canarias. The exhibition explains to the visitors the way of life of this human group of the Berber origin who inhibited the islands from the second half of the first millennium to the 15 century, when the conquest and colonization by the Crown of Castile took place. The exhibition is divided into 11 rooms and one can   see the different aspects of their settlements, economic activity and funerary practices. The museum has a large collection of Aborginies, who were the original inhabitants of the island.

The Museum apart from having one of the largest collections of the Aborgines also has a very large collection of the Hispanic culture of the islands.  It also has one of the most complete collection of the Cro-magnon remains.

The museum offers a service of guided tours which may be requested by telephone or email at

Visiting Hours:  Monday to Friday (10 to 20 hrs)

Saturday and Sunday (10 to 14 hrs)

Address: Doctor Verneau, 2  Vegueta

35000 Las Palmas De Gran Canaria

Telephone :  928336800


Amongst the most popular artifact is the statue of Tara.





Museo Canario has a very large collection of Canarian pottery of different ages, paintings, idols, plant fibre, leather stuff, Wood craft, Bones and anthropological remains of Canarian ancestors.

It is a must visit to get to know about the history of Gran Canaria.


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