Mas Palomas, Friendly and Fun Loving


Mas Palomas is one of the places most visited by tourists at Gran Canarias. Mas Palomas broadly includes the beach and resort areas of Playa del Ingles, Mas Palomas and Meloneras.

Mas Palomas is most famous for its towering Light House, built in 1861 towering 55 meters above the ground. This tall lighthouse was used to guide ships from Europe to the American and African coasts. There is a long history behind this tower house, to this day it continues to guide ships.

The entire beach area of this zone consisting of Mas Palomas, Playa del Ingles and Meloneras are interconnected to one another forming chain of a 12 kms (7.45 miles) of beach area.

Starting from the light house walking from it towards the other end you will find 3 unique protected eco systems;


–          The Palmeral (Palm trees)

–          The Charca (Pond of water) lying between the sand and the sea and the

–          Dunas (Sand dunes)


Each of the above is unique in its own way.

The Palmerals are a protected reserve in a fragile eco system where birds come from far away Africa each year. It includes a number of palm trees line around densely around the current day Riu Gropu 5  star Hotel by the name Oasis.


Las Palmeras, Mas Palomas


The Charca (Pond of Water) is unique in the sense that every few hours it changes its shape based on the wind blowing from the sea. There are 100 ´s of specifies of migratory birds coming to this area from Africa and beyond. They quench their thirst and drink water at this famous pond.


La Charca Mas Palomas


Walking further along we reach the Dunas (Sand Dunes) formed naturally by 1000´s of years of natural wind flow and formation. Secluded in the privacy of this vastness is the “Nude Beach” of Gran Canarias.


Dunas Sand Dunes, Mas Palomas


Walking further you will reach the Playa del Ingles (British beach) this name originally became popular as it was frequented by the Britishers in the beginning.

Apart from the beaches you will find everything that you need for a dream holiday in this area. A number of shopping centers, disco´s, pubs, clubs, and shopping districts, restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets.


Mas Palomas Shopping Arcade


Sporting activities such as Surfing, Para Gliding, Swimming,

Hotels, Beach Resort, Bungalows, and apartments from the 5 star deluxe to the humble apartment for you to pick and choose to stay. There is a large International Convention Centre and a few golf courses too for tourists.

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