Las Canteras, Best Urban Beach in the World

Las Canteras beach is amongst the best in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. It has a blue flag, which is the highest rating for a beach. The white fine sand beach is more than 5 kms long making it one of the world´s longest urban beaches in the world.

Just about 200 meters from the shore there is a natural reef barrier running North to South covering almost the entire beach which breaks the waves before they reach the shore. Swimming thus is extremely safe in the area. Coupled with 365 days of bright sunshine and moderate weather. The water is pleasant to warm for swimming.


Las Canteras beach

Surfing and Beach Sport

All sorts of water sports are practiced at the beach. Popular beach sports are Swimming, boating, Surfing, Gliding, Para Gliding, Scuba Diving. At one end of Las Canteras near the Calle Juan Rejon is the Royal Victoria club which is one of the oldest dedicated to cultural and recreational activities. At the other end the beach ends at the Alfredo Kraus auditorium and the popular Shopping centre Las Arenas.


Surfing at Las Canteras


Las Canteras beach has a number of kiosks, shops selling souvenir, news papers, electronics, mobiles, textiles.

Hotels at Las Canteras

Las Canteras beach has a number of 5 star and 4 star Hotels in the vicinty of the beach. Some of the prominent hotels are Hotel Cristina, the only 5 star hotel located at the beach at Las Canteras.  The 4 star hotels on the beach are NH Imperial Playa, Hotel Reina Isabel, Hotel Concorde, Hotel Best Western Cantur, and Hotel Eurostars Las Canteras, Hotel Concorde.  Canteras beach also has a number of 3 star hotels and apartment complexes for longer term stay.


Hotel Cristina, Las Canteras


The sea water at Las Canteras is of extremely good quality and crystal clear.  You can infact see the bottom of the sea even a few feet below.  Scuba diving is thus a popular sport at the Las Canteras beach. To cater to this need there are a number of scuba diving and surf gear rental shops.  If you prefer a quiet time at the beach  you can hire a sun bed with an umbrella to lie at the beach, read, or just laze around or even get a sun tan.


Las Canteras Sun Bathing


A peculiar thing about the Las Canteras beach is that every night the sand is sifted and cleaned by equipment to ensure the beach sand is completely clean and ready for the next day.  The walk thro area besides the beach is washed with water on a weekly basis to keep the surroundings also clean.

Just the walk besides the Las Canteras beach from end to end can be a refreshing experience which you would not like to miss for anything else in the world. Las Canteras beach is thus often referred as the heart of Las Palmas, Gran Canaria



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