Fly In and Out From Gran Canarias Airport

Gran Canaria Airport (Gando Airport) is a busy International airport.  Flights from 3 continents; Europe, Africa, and South America fly in and out of the airport.  It caters to regular National, International Airlines and Charter flights.

The airport operates 24 hours x 7 days of the week unlike some of the other Spanish airports. Almost 10 million visitors have used this airport in 2013 on almost 100,000 flights during the year.  The good weather at Gran Canarias allows the airport to be functional throughout the year.


Gran Canarias Airport


In order to cater to the increased demand the airport is being expanded with additional parking terminals to accommodate for more planes. At the same time the Car park is also being expanded.

The airport is situated along the coast in the municipality of Ingenio in almost the middle of the island. It is located 18 kms (11 miles) from the Las Palmas city centre and about 25 kms (15.5 Miles) from the South tourist centre of Playa Del Ingles.

The airport has all the modern facilities that an airport can offer the passengers for their needs. It has many restaurants, fast food joints and coffee shops to suit all tastes and pockets.  The airport also has a large shopping arcade of Duty free shops selling local Canarian produce as well as International Perfumes, Cosmetics, Liquor and Tobacco. The airport also has a fair share of garment, leather and accessory shops.  Here we would like to add that Gran Canarias has a lower VAT (IGIC) of 7 % Vs around 20 % in Europe. Bargains thus would be available throughout the Islands various shops. It probably would be cheaper than buying stuff at the airport.  The airport however is an excellent place to buy any gifts and souvenirs for family and friends back in your home country.

The airport offers all the services of a modern airport:

–          VIP Lounge: The airport also has a VIP lounge to cater to the busy or to relax and enjoy a magazine over some snacks and a drink or even to stretch yourself.


–          Special wheel chair services for the old, persons with challenged mobility.


–          The airports also adhere to the European charter and please look up your rights and ask for your free meal coupons in case of a delay of your flight.


–          24 Hour car park. As a tourist if you wish to plan to visit one of the sister islands of Lanzarote, Tenerife or Fuerteventura for the day or for a few days you can leave your car at the car park just outside the airport.


–          Rent a Car companies. On arrival within the airport you can find several Rent Car company offices which can rent you a car of your choice. A booking would be however advisable as the rates over the counter could be higher than what you would normally get on the internet.


Airport Car Rental


All told we can assure you that you will receive a warm welcoming airport on arrival. Your departure will be equally nice to ensure and invite you to visit Gran Canarias again and again.

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