Festival at Teror Church – Dia del Pino


On 8th Sept it was a bank holiday due to the Festival at the Church of Teror.  15 days of festivities are being celebrated.  On 7th Sept thousands of people both local and tourist travelled from all parts of the island in Buses, Cars with special permission to pray and seek blessings from Mother Mary and Lord Jesus. Many thousands chose to walk many kms on foot for hours to reach the church.



Dia del Pino


Many choose the option of walking from all over the island in groups to reach the church in time for praying at the church.

Over years it has become a “Must” attend event.  It has become a social event too, with people singing, dancing and drinking and overall merry making.

The festivities continue full night.


Teror Church


To read more about the church read http://grancanariavisit.com/teror/

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