Cueva Pintada, Galdar – Amazing Past of Gran Canaria Revealed


Cueva Pintada, Galdar forms a part of the complex where most of the excavations of objects during the volcanic period are stored. A visit to Cueva Pintada will enlighten you about Gran Canaria, its people, their lively hood, their heritage and history. The 3D film, documentary, the exhibits, the artefacts, the tour will take you down the memory lane right from the origins of Gran Canaria to the present day.


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Many of the objects on display at Cueva Pintada have been excavated starting the mid 19th century. From 1987 onwards to date the Cuevas Pintada has been one of the key areas where big discoveries of the Aborigines living during the medieval times at the island have been uncovered.  This complex has shed a lot of light of the Aborigines lifestyle their houses which were caves and artificial caves with barns and community space, grazing grounds for their cattle as during the period of VI to XVI century.


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The origins of Gran Canaria Islands are full of myth. It is believed now that the first people came from North Africa and were Berbers. Recent cultural and linguistic studies reveal an amazing similarity between the dwellings, rock carvings, dialect and burial practice of the Maghreb people who lived in the area spanning Tunisia to Morocco.

Cueva Pintada show how the locals manufactured clay based products and utensils, using stones they would grind flour called Gofio (corn flour) with animal skin and bones they would make spatulas, clothing, foot wear.



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Gran Canaria was divided into 10 kingdoms. Each was ruled by a “Guanartematos”. Later the kingdoms got consolidated and united into two kingdoms of Galdar and Telde. The society was divided in 4 strata’s; The Guanartemes (Kings), Fayzagues (noble class), the common man and villains.

The Nobles and Royals had long hair, pleated in leather; the common men had short hair.

The Aborigines of Gran Canaria believed in Astrology. Acoran was the Sun god, the respected the dead and would mummify the dead.


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The most important Guanarteme of Gran Canaria who unified all of Gran Canaria and travelled to Spain to sign a Treaty to end the war when the Spanish forces invaded the islands was Fernando Guanarteme.  He thus saved thousands of lives of local Canarians.

Apart from the history you will also see the caves, the way they lived what they ate. Do not miss this chance to understand the very origin of Gran Canaria.


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C/ Audiencia, 235460 Galdar – Gran Canaria.

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Open from Tuesday to Sunday.  It is closed on all Mondays and days 1st, 5th, 6th Jan, 1st May, 24th, 25th and 31st Dec on every year.


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