Canary Islands Nasa Photo of 2014

2014 is the year of Canary Islands. The prestigious Space organization NASA of USA shortlisted 32 photos to select the best photo on the basis of voting.

On the basis of popular voting the general public voted and selected the photo of Canary Islands as the best photo for 2014.




This is only the 2nd year of popular voting even though NASA has been beaming photos everyday of every year for the last 15 years.  Last year too the volcanic eruptions of Hierro were amongst the most popular photos issued by NASA.

The photo was taken by the Terrestrial Satellite ´s Spectroradiometer  in moderate resolution. It shows all of the 7 islands and the wind flow from top to down. It is a spectacular photo of the Canary Islands.

Please raise a toast for the 2.1 Million Canarians and the over 10 Million tourists who visit Canary Islands as tourists each year.

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