Caldera de Bandama, Santa Brigida


The Caldera de Bandama (Crater) is a really unique place to see in Gran Canaria. It is a natural monument located at Santa Brigida which is in the central part of the island. The crater is about 1000 meters in diameter and about 200 meters deep.


Caldera de Bandama 1


The place has been named Bandama due to the influence and inspiration by the Dutch wine merchants who settled in the area in the 17th century.

The area is quite a contrast with the crater about 200 meters deep down. The mountain peak besides is about 574 meters high. From the majestic peak you get a 360º view of the full island. You can see the complete Las Palmas skyline, the Las Palmas Port.


Caldera de Bandama 2


In winter months the mountain & country side are lush green. The drive to the Caldera itself is quite nice passing thru the various vineyards on the way. There are a number of nice Spanish restaurants on the way.


Caldera de Bandama 3


Even though the volcano is dormant but this is the area of Gran Canaria where the last volcanic eruptions took place.  In the crater are located a series of house caves. They are popularly called Cueva de los Canarios.  These caves are located in the north part of the crater.  In the interior of some of these caves you will find inscriptions in Libyan & Berber languages. Many of the articraft, pots now located at the Mueso Canario have actually been found in these caves.


Caldera de Bandama 5


These Caves are in a protected zone and are part of the Canary Islands natural protected Biosphere reserve. In the vicinity is located the Bandama golf course which is a 18 hole golf course. The English started this golf course and were the initial patrons of this golf course.



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